Preschool Storytime: Bears

Opening Song: Hello, Friends (from JBrary)

Song: ABC Song (traditional)

When it fits well, I try to introduce a letter that corresponds with the theme. This week, I did “B” for “bears.” I started off by telling the children I had a mystery bag full of interesting things. They all started with the letter “B.” I pulled each one out of the bag. We talked about its name and the letter B sound. I included a babydoll, a ball, a bracelet, and then I pulled out a bear and used it to introduce our theme.

Book: Bear’s Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.

This is a very cute book, although most of the preschool-aged children couldn’t yet relate to having a loose tooth. But I think most of them understood the story and enjoyed it.

Rhyme: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around (traditional)

Song: If You’re a Bear and You Know It (adapted from “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)

I changed the lyrics to say: “If you’re a bear and you know it clap your paws / chomp your teeth / give a growl.” The kids loved it and I heard some very loud and mighty growls!

Book: Where’s My Teddy? by Jez Alborough

I used a jumbo-sized copy of this book and it played well with the jumbo-sized bear featured in it. I do think some of the younger kids were a bit confused about who was talking during certain parts of the book, but overall, they enjoyed it.

Rhyme: Two Little Black Bears (from JBrary)

This one didn’t go so well. I don’t think enough children were familiar with the original rhyme (Two Little Black Birds) and also it was a bit long. I don’t think I’ll do it again.

Book: The Bear in My Bed by Joyce Wan

During last week’s summertime-themed Storytime, we read Wan’s The Whale in My Swimming Pool. The kids loved it and it is actually the prequel to The Bear in My Bed. The bear story is very cute and the story is easy for the younger ones to follow.

Song: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom (from JBrary)

We do this song every single week! It’s our favorite!

Book: Big Bear, Small Mouse by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.

This was a great way to end our storytime. There are several instances of the words “big bear!” repeating, so I had the children say it with me each time it occurred. By the last one, they were shouting it very loud!

Closing Song: Goodbye, Friends (from JBrary)

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