Weekly Story Time Titles (Week of Jan 15, 2024)

Each week I share the titles I chose for my 15-minute volunteer story time sessions at my kids’ school library.  


I chose a snow theme for today’s stories.  We started with “I’m Going to Build a Snowman” by Jashar Awan.  It doesn’t snow in our area so there were many children in this class who have never seen snow.  They were intrigued how the book talks about the steps of building a snowman, and some of them got very sad when the illustration depicts a melting snowman.  Fortunately, the story ends on a happy note and the children especially loved the illustration of the cat.  This is a great title for a preschool / kindergarten class read on a winter or snow theme.  We also talked about how even though his snowman wasn’t perfect, the boy still liked him —which is a great lead-in to accepting that we all make mistakes or how to manage perfectionism.  Highly recommended. 

Our second kindergarten story was “Just One Flake” by Travis Jonker. This is a lovely story about a little boy attempting to catch a snowflake with his tongue.  A good story is one that engaged students, so I loved that my students started rooting for the boy to succeed.  The ending is perfect (no spoilers here!) and also provides the opportunity to talk about the science of snow flakes.  It also can nicely segue into fun snowflake art projects.  This title is definitely going on my list for winter-themed books.  Highly recommended.  


The students in this class love Pete the Cat, so I chose “Pete the Cat: Crayons Rock!” by James Dean for today’s title.  As always, the students in this class are thrilled for Pete stories, and they love shouting out the words they recognize.

For our second title, I chose “Problem Solved” by Jan Thomas.  I wasn’t sure if the students in this class would resonate with this title, but they definitely did!  They laughed so hard at the problem-solving porcupine’s hijinks, and even asked me to read it again.  That always makes me feel like I’ve chosen a good title!  Highly recommended for when young students ask for a funny book.


My second grade class is has been obsessed with “Bruce” stories by Ryan T. Higgins all year.  They were so disappointed when I told them we had finished all the stories in the series.  However…. Today I surprised them with “Be Quiet!”- a spin-off book featuring some of Bruce’s mice friends.  The room erupted with cheers when I showed the students the cover.  Everyone enjoyed the hilarious conversation between the mouse trying to make a wordless book and his chatterbox friends.  And they loved that Bruce makes a quick cameo!  Highly recommended for fans of the Bruce series or for kids who love witty dialogue  

The final title for the day was “Crankenstein” by Samantha Berger and Dan Santat.  After a bit of chatting about the title of the book, the students really enjoyed the story and the illustrations.  They quickly started identifying the Crankensteins in their own lives (mostly younger siblings!).  This is a super-fun read for Halloween or for “emotions” themes.  

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